A MidnightBSD scary's story...

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A MidnightBSD scary's story...

Well, I installed xfce4, just a few hours working, more than 4 hours.
After that, configured xfce4, I've entered in the desktop environment, everything OK, just a
little issue, Thunar, the file manager is not installed.

Thunar has not a binary package to install from, then it should be compiled from ports.

Let's do that...
        A few hours downloading, compiling, making packages, and installing them.
        But, thunar depends on a big "monster", "texlive-texmf-20150523_4", this "monster", just 1.8 GB size, has not a binary package too.
        After that, more than 4 hours to download the file, and 4 hours more to build/compile, and 50 minutes to install the package.
        The story follows, several hours more compiling, etc., and all finished with an unrecoverable error that I can recall now.
        Conclusion: xfce4 is not working at all, and Midnight is very useless as desktop environment OS.
        I have deleted all the O.S., that's all.
        I expect in the future, MidnightBSD has better things to offer.
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Re: A MidnightBSD scary's story...

Yes, and if you check the package build on magus, you can see there was a problem building webkit that blocked it on the last run.  

There is more than one window manager and desktop environment available on midnightbsd.  XFCE not working does not mean the OS is useless.  

The alternative to the "this os sucks" post is actually submitting patches on github to ports to fix them.